Buying Books

We are always interested in making an offer to buy a good book or a collection of good books from individuals, estates or institutions. We happily make "house calls" for larger collections and are more than willing to travel to look at a significant collection of books. Like most used and rare shops, we simply don't have room to house copies of the most common books (nor do we have a strong market for selling them). We are not specialist dealers, so there are many areas that are of interest to us. In general, we don't buy book club editions, new fiction, encyclopedias, textbooks, most current affairs/political books, books printed by magazines - Horizon, Southern Living, Newsweek, Time/Life, etc. We prefer scholarly books, beautiful books (recognizing that beauty is often in the eye of the beholder!), original editions of important books, and books, pamphlets and paper (ephemera) which are just plain out of the ordinary.

We are happy to make a cash offer for books we want to buy, or offer more in trade credit, and on occasion, if the seller prefers and the value warrants, to offer a consignment arrangement. So please, call for an appointment for us to look at your books, or bring your books to the shop. Just call ahead to make sure a buyer is available (804-353-9476).